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Dr. Alicia White graduated from Baldwin-Wallace University in 2004 with a degree in athletic training. She continued her studies at the University of Miami where she earned a doctorate in physical therapy in 2007. Dr. White worked at the Center for the Intrepid in San Antonio, Texas for ten years where she treated high-level patients with amputations in the military and civilian sectors. Additionally, she taught the running course for all patients with amputations that had a desire to run while being treated at the Center for the Intrepid. She has served as an expert witness in several cases concerning the functional expectations for patients with amputations. In addition, she has taught Prosthetic Rehabilitation at the US Army Baylor Physical Therapy Program and Adaptive Sports at Texas State University as well as hosting an online course for clinicians with Medbridge Education.   Dr. White continues her passion for teaching running as the South Texas Paralympic Track Coach and within her own practice, Evolve Prosthetic Rehabilitation. Dr. White also treats pediatric patients with amputations at the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio.

Online CEU options at Medbridge Education

Multiple books covering  the fundamentals of prosthetic rehabilitation, gait training techniques, and running with a prosthesis.

Online and in person consultations for patients with limb loss to assist with creating a plan of care and improving gait analysis.

Options for in person CEU courses. 

For Physical Therapists

Online and in person gait training assessments to improve the way you walk and how the world sees you!

Online and in person running education sessions to learn to run with any prosthesis!

Online education and up to date information about current technology and research, understanding the insurance world, and maximizing your potential.  

For Patients
For Prosthetists

Online and in person prothetic evaluations to assist with insurance justification of prosthetics, delivered directly to you!

Online and in person gait assessments to optimize prosthetic ambulation. 

Online course on prosthetic rehabilitation fundamentals. 

Books to assist with gait training, running skills, prosthetic tips and clinical pearls to increase the functional potential of your patients. 

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