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Gearing Up to Run with a Prosthesis

Running with a prosthesis is no easy feat/feet! :-)

Running short distances on a track will allow the runner to utilize areas near or around the facility to store necessary running supplies, but running greater distances in the community can prove to be a problem. In these cases, a running belt, such as one pictured here, can be used to easily carry gear on the runner without causing it to become sweaty. I recommend carrying several ply socks in case of limb size change, a sham wow to dry a wet limb, and a small piece of Cica care in the event that a blister arises on the residual limb. Belts like these also allow the runner to clip on small water bottles to assist with hydration in the hot summer heat. If you have any extra room, a small laminated list of current medications and emergency contact information would also be helpful although the goal is to be safe and well prepared to avoid emergency situations.

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