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We have landed in Dnipropetrovsk!

We have arrived! Most of the team met in Kiev, the capital of Ukriane, before flying to meet the rest of the team in Dnipropetrovsk. We enjoyed a late dinner last night and have appreciated the chance to relax today to recover from the flight, team build, and prepare for the busy day ahead. The team is amazing and I am so excited to learn from them this week. We have four prosthetists. One from California, one from New York, one from Canada, and one from Australia. One other physical therapist from England, and two awesome interpreters. An occupational therapist will be joining us next week. The plan is to evaluate the patients tomorrow to appropriately plan for their needs for the trip and determine how we can best assist them. We will also be seeing the facility where they make prosthetics for the first time. It will be educational to see how they treat here and how the team differs in style from California to Australia. We have already enjoyed differences in English slang. I had no idea that stubbies (a nickname for short prosthetic legs) are also considered beer bottles and they had no idea that "biting the floor" meant to fall. Learning curves and laughs for all! :-) Keep reading the blog for updates!

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