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The tables have turned.

Today the Ukrainians led the exercises and ... I didn't die! 😜 I may have a different story to tell when the muscle soreness sets in tomorrow, but for now I'm feeling great! We started the morning with a work out in the park while the prosthetics team worked furiously in the lab. We added some pre running drills into the work out as well. Yesterday we used the Coach's Eye ap to analyze their gait before any training and today we re analyzed them to compare. Everyone is looking much better and ready to jump into their running legs! After lunch, they were treated to a Melisa, Troy, and JT style core class from the good ole CFI days! We braved the heat for some afternoon running drills until our first running leg was ready!!! I love first running leg days!!!! Natalya did FABULOUS!!! Her smile says it all. Just one quick session and she looked brilliant. A few more adjustments and we will take her to the track! Tomorrow s

hould have even more running legs finished. I can't wait! Thanks for checking in on us! Time to shower 🚿!  

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