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Pose Running and Prosthetics- PUBLISHED!

Finally!!! I was lucky enough to have crossed paths with the primary investigator in the article listed below. Angie Diebal is an amazing physical therapist that has focused the majority of her career on teaching proper running form to prevent injury/injury. To say this girl is passionate is an understatement. She has an impressive Army physical therapy career and I was fortunate enough to chat with her about prosthetic running when I worked at the CFI and she was working at the Army school house. She was lucky enough to be granted some time in the world class gait lab at the Center for the Intrepid. Her skills combined with the technology available in that lab will change the face of prosthetic running. Gone are the days of "THROW it out, PULL it back" and now we can live in a world where Pose running meets prosthetics. To explain the article simply, Angie met a runner with a knee disarticulation amputation. She taught him the Pose running method, which focuses on landing with the foot underneath you, and analyses his gait in the lab. The current running prosthesis on the market has removed the "heel" and is properly aligned to land under the body. If the runner properly lands with the prosthesis and incorrectly lands with the sound limb, then injury is imminent. If runners with limb loss are not taught to correctly use the device, the will quickly become injured, and no longer have a desire to run. I am stoked to see this article published! Please click on the link below to read the entire article and be amazed!

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