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Blister Management with Cica Care

Blisters!! No one has time for those! Blisters occur on the residual limb for a multitude of reasons. They can occur from a poorly fitting socket, not managing sweat well, increased time in the socket and/or abrasions of the residual limb when not wearing the socket. Regardless, they require a patient to slow down and address the problem. For a physical therapist, it can limit the progress of your therapeutic sessions with the patient. If you have been following the blog, you read the article with data to support the benefit of increased pressure in wound healing. If not, go back and read that article! That being said, I highly recommend the use of Cica Care when a unforeseen blister arrives! Cica Care is a small sheet of silicone gel that you can now purchase on Amazon for a reasonable price. Keeping a few sheets in your "tool box" will benefit you for years to come. When a pesky blister arrives, just cut a piece slightly larger than the blister and stick it directly to the skin. Directly to the skin! With the Cica Care in place, the individual with limb loss can continue to ambulate with a prosthesis AND the blister. This should protect the skin and avoid the risk of infection. While the blister is healing, be sure to determine why it occurred and how to prevent a similar blister in the future! Bottom line? Therapists and individuals with limb loss should always keep some Cica Care handy!

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