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Coach's Eye - Aps for Gait Training

Gone are the days where one would need a million dollar gait lab to digitally analyze the ambulation patterns of someone with limb loss. Enter, the iphone and all of it's glorious aps. I use Coach's Eye on my phone, but I can also recommend Hudl, Dartfish, PhysioU, etc. Take a peek at all of these aps to determine the one which you can navigate the easiest, and USE IT! All of these aps offer side by side video analysis, slow motion, frame by frame analysis with drawing tools, and the ability to store and share the data within the multidisciplinary team. Beware of HIPAA regulations and be sure to use a secure network with documented approval to share the patient data before sharing with anyone, including the patient. Typically, you can uphold HIPAA rules by using a facility computer with the appropriate locks and keeping up to date paperwork releases on hand, but be sure to check your state regulations before you hit "record." These aps also allow long distance digital interventions. Individuals with limb loss can upload a video and send it to the therapist and/or the prosthetist to analyze their gait. The medical professional can use the editing tools to mark the video and send it back to the patient. Video can be taken on the first day of gait training and the last to compare improvements. Also, some individuals are very analytical and prefer to watch their own gait, in slow motion, multiple times, to make their own improvements. The options with this technology are endless. Make them a part of your practice and watch your patients succeed!

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