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Choosing the Right Prosthetist

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to speak to multiple survivors of the Boston Marathon Bombing at a follow up clinic one year after they sustained their injuries. Of the individuals with limb loss that were at the clinic, one ambulated in her prosthesis much better than the rest of the group that was present. When I asked her why she though that she was ambulating so well, she responded by sharing this article from the Amputee Coalition. The foundation of the article explains the importance of choosing the best prosthetist for you and how to do that. She informed me that she was able to read the article shortly after her amputation and used the information to surround herself with a rehabilitation team with which she worked well. Teamwork is the success to prosthetic rehabilitation and the Amputee Coalition offers great resources to teach individuals with limb loss how to choose the best team for them. The article is here:

Also, the Amputee Coalition offers a wealth of information at their site. Please check them out at:

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