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Adaptive Clothing

Manipulating clothing over a prosthesis is not easy and oftentimes gets in the way of fashion. This is why adaptive clothing is a necessity in the life of an individual with limb loss. Several online companies make adaptive clothing, or your local seamstress may be able to alter your current clothing to assist. Multiple adaptations are available, but here are some of the most highly recommended:

Velcro seamed shirts: To avoid IV lines in the hospital or assist with decreased range of motion when out of the hospital, seamstresses can hide Velcro to the seam of any shirt to allow the user to open and close the article of clothing around lines or to accommodate for decreased range of motion.

Velcro seamed pants/jeans or zipper seamed pants/jeans: Pulling a pair of skinny jeans over a transfemoral socket can be difficult, if not impossible! Ask a seamstress to add a Velcro or zippered seam to the inseam of the pants and, viola! Fashion made easy!

Zippered boots/shoes: Some shoes are almost impossible to don with a prosthesis. Enter, the zippered shoe/boot! Seamstresses or leather workers can often add a zipper to the inside of the boot/shoe so that it is hardly visible when wearing, allowing for easy access into and out of the shoe/boot.

Magnetic Buttons: Decreased hand function can significantly decrease independence with buttons, but magnetic closures can make fashion friendly again!

Here are some companies and seamstresses that we recommend:

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