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High Energy Snacks for the Limb Loss Population.

The holidays can be a flurry of events filled with tasty treats at every corner. While it is important to remember the social enjoyment of food, it is necessary for those in the limb loss population to practice moderation. Conflicting literature in the limb loss community reports various levels of energy expenditure when ambulating with a prosthesis. Regardless of the data, we can all agree that it requires high levels of energy to maintain an active lifestyle, or even to keep up with the holiday season! Fueling the body with high protein snacks will provide a consistent energy level for significant periods of time and maintain a healthy blood sugar. For this reason, it is recommended to have these snacks on hand and use them to refuel the body throughout the day and the holiday season. Some can be carried at room temperature while others will require refrigeration. No problem! Don't be afraid to pack a small cooler and keep it in your vehicle for snacking as needed. These are a few of my favorites! Enjoy!


Cashews, almonds, pecans

Almond butter packages

Hard boiled eggs

Cheese sticks

Greek yogurt


Beef Jerky

Tuna (tuna packets)


Roasted Chick peas

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