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Prosthetic Running Shoe Options

It is important to understand the options for prosthetic running shoes when considering running with a prosthesis. In walking or running, symmetrical patterns promote proper movements and prevent breakdown injuries. This means that it is important to make the prosthesis and the sound limb move as similar as possible, or to align two prosthetic limbs to reciprocally mirror one another. Currently, four main options are available for prosthetic running limb shoes. The first has been used by prosthetists and their patients for years. Glueing treads onto the bottom of the prosthesis will allow for protection of the device. I had one patient that enjoyed long distance trail running and made friends with the local tire company to gain access to their tire scraps as he burned through many thick treads on the trails.

Nike recently produced a running show that clips onto the prosthesis, allowing them to be easily replaced with wear of the tread. While this improves the runners ability to change the treads, it does not promote symmetry as the Nike prosthetic shoe does not have a matching sound limb shoe.

A combination of the two previously mentioned shoes, a track spike shoe option is available for those interested in competitive sprinting. I personally do not think that this is necessary, unless the runner plans to competitively sprint, but I do think it is important to understand that it is an option.

Finally, a company named Amphop has developed a prosthetic shoe that ties onto the prosthesis and a shoe that fits the sound limb allowing for symmetry between the limbs as well as the option to easy change the prosthetic tread as it wears. Check them out at:

As prosthetic advancements continue, it is my hope that options for running shoes continue to improve and promote reciprocal symmetry to decrease potential injuries to the runner.

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